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What is Baobab Ebooks?
It is an internet-based software platform which offers African libraries and academic institutions the opportunity to download free and paid-for ebooks for use by their students and others.

Does Baobab offer an ebook buying service to consumers, as Amazon does?
No. Our customers are libraries and academic institutions. Their students, customers and anyone they wish to enrol on our platform can use the Baobab platform through their own institutional connections.

Is Baobab available all around the world?
Yes. But our focus is primarily on African academic institutions, where our bookselling experience has been extensive. We would be pleased to discuss Baobab’s ebook services with potential customers in any country. Please see the contact form for details of how to get in touch..

What level of technical support/aftercare is available from Baobab?
We are available for support in the following ways:
* Phone support – Available Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm GMT.
* Training videos
* Local representatives.

Does my library own the ebooks I’ve purchased through Baobab Ebooks?
If you have purchased title through the pick and choose perpetual access model then the ebook files are your property (whilst still being the copyright of the publisher).

How long after signing up would the students be able to view the ebooks?
The library’s access to Baobab Ebooks platform can be switched on instantly. So once the contract has been entered into you and your students will have access to the platform and your chosen titles.

Can Baobab Ebooks be accessed on mobile devices?
Baobab Ebooks can be accessed across a number of mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone and other Android devices, providing there is internet access.

Do I need a specific ebook reader to read the titles?
You can use a variety of different e-readers to read our titles including Adobe Digital Editions.

Do I need to download anything to read an ebook?
You can read our ebooks through a variety of ereaders such as Adobe Digital Editions.

Can more than one user access the ebooks simultaneously?
Libraries can choose how many concurrent users they wish to purchase a title for. Prices differ depending on the number of concurrent users. Please contact us to get a quote on specific titles.

Can Baobab be accessed off-campus?
Yes, by logging into the university campus website and clicking through to the library page and onto Baobab Ebooks.

Are new editions of books automatically made available?
New editions will not automatically replace the current edition. As with print editions, the new edition will have to be purchased.

Why can’t I save a copy of the entire document?
Each ebook has a set limit on how much can be saved. These limits are set by the publisher of the title.

Can the ebooks be printed?
Only part of each ebook can be printed. This is to prevent the entire title being printed out. Please let us know if you would like to purchase a print copy for your library shelves.

Is training available for my library staff?
To request a specific training session, please contact us, stating the subject you’d like training in, a preferred date and time and the number of people attending the session.

I have forgotten my login details, what should I do?
To request new login details please contact our service support team, by email or by phone. Verification will be required.

How do I add new ebooks to my collection?
It’s easy to add titles to your collection – simply select the titles you require and email us, or your local rep with the ISBN and we can get the process started.

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